Boundaries in Love

Photo by Nick Fewings from Unsplash

Recently I've been thinking about an aspect of love that I haven't heard emphasised often.
And it's with regards to boundaries in love.

How love limits us in a good way.

Especially with regards to God.
We understand in our human relationships, that sometimes we do things we ordinarily wouldn't do because we love those people. And other times we refrain from doing things we would typically do for the same reason.

Because love involves putting others first.

Bearing this in mind helps us to understand why there’s a way we’re called to live as Christians.

Because we love God, and are loved by Him, we honour the one we love by living in a way that pleases Him. And that sometimes looks like forgoing certain things, or doing things that scare us or challenge us.

It makes sense to us to not do certain things because it might offend or hurt our partners, or parents, for instance. But somehow we don't think that applies to God as well.

And the true and perfect love that the Father shows us is no different,
because God demonstrated that when He came down to the earth in human flesh, and His love for us compelled Him to bear on Himself the price for our sins.

His love for you made Him do that. Why can’t your love for Him compel you to live for Him.




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