Writing Anniversary

Today is a special one for me because it was today a year ago that I began to write publicly.

It started in August when I got the instruction to write. I was afraid, I didn't think I could do it and a thousand and one other fears.

But I went through with it and it has been an amazing ride. I've seen myself grow in everyway during this period. Spiritually, mentally and otherwise.

From my writing to my walk with God, I can clearly see the difference. I’m a better writer now than I was when I began, doing this has also helped me become a better thinker because writing helps you to refine your thoughts, and helps you express yourself better, and I’ve seen all of these things in my life.

It has also helped me process and handle the hard times that came during that period. Like my grandma’s passing, to the breakfasts I got served.

I remember being afraid to begin, but deciding to trust God regardless, and God has been faithful. And for that I am grateful.
He has consistently held my hand through this, and then as now I pray that He is continuously glorified through what I do.

And thank you to all of you who have been with me on this journey. Those I know, and those of you that I don’t. I’m grateful for you all.

Thank you.

Ps: this was my very first article here



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